Project Objectives & Description

The theme of this project is to illustrate a fan that is not only a prop for the participants to discover and develop their individual artistic talents, but also a form of medium that helps people to communicate, create art forms and reconnect with nature.

In order to encourage family or friends of all ages to attend this program, there are several interactive activities to choose from for various ages and skill levels. Participants will find their way (Tao) to a path of creativity through a Fan Painting workshop.  There will be an opportunity after the Fan Painting workshop to learn how to display individual talents via a prop in the Fan Fair event, and the chance to undertake a performance during the event.  Options include poetry reading, storytelling, music performance, theater, dance, or any other art forms.

Our family friendly outdoor performance gathering will be held at beautiful Twin Star Farm for those who are ready to showcase their talents, those who would like to take advantage of nature‚Äôs remedy, and those who always schedule nature and friend time into their calendar as important activity.

If we are open to experience the creative process then this program, this program will help to nourish us and truly Fan Your Talents.