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Fan Painting Workshop (For all ages)

Class Description: Finding your way - the Tao of creativity through fan painting. 

Jing Shuai*, the designer and also the presenting performer will give a brief introduction regarding the ancient way (Tao) to express their thoughts or art style on the fans. Most important is to be simple, and relax, in order to reveal the creative process.  Most people will paint an object that immediately comes to mind. 

In the Fan Painting workshop, participants will learn methods to decorate their fans and they will focus on learning, building confidence and fostering creativity. 

Days: The first Wednesday of each month. (03/06/2019; 04/03/2019; 05/08/2019: 06/05/2019; 07/03/2019 )

Times: 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Rates: $25/per adults, $15/per child less than 15 years old. Brushes, paints are free to use in the workshop, and a free painting fan is included.

Registration: It is necessary to register prior to the day of the class.   Pre-registration is required for all participants ( Limited Class Size)  Sign up online is simple and qick!   >>Register now! 

You can also sign up for a class via Jing’s email at or text to 845-214-8579.  

Address:  Roost Studios & Gallery,  2nd floor, 69 Main Street, New Platz (>>Site)

 Fan Painting Workshops slideshow 

In 2017, six  fan painting workshops have been held,and around 80 individuals attended.

o June 21st Roost Studio

o June 24th & Jan 06 Elting Memorial Library
o June 17th Twin Star Farm

o July 19th Roost Studio

0 August 26th Twin Star Farm