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Fan Painting Workshop (For all ages)

Class Description: Finding your way - the Tao of creativity through fan painting. 

Days: The first Tuesday of each month. (01/01/2019; 02/05/2019; 03/05/2019; 04/02/2019; 05/07/2019: 06/04/2019)

Times: 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Rates: $25/per adults, $15/per child less than 15 years old. Brushes, paints are free to use in the workshop, and a free painting fan is included.

Registration: It is necessary to register prior to the day of the class.   Pre-registration is required for all participants ( Limited Class Size)  Sign up online is simple and qick!   >>Register now! 

You can also sign up for a class via Jing’s email at or text to 845-214-8579.  

Address:  Roost Studios & Gallery,  2nd floor, 69 Main Street, New Platz (>>Site)

 Fan Painting Workshops slideshow 

In 2017, six  fan painting workshops have been held,and around 80 individuals attended.

o June 21st Roost Studio

o June 24th & Jan 06 Elting Memorial Library
o June 17th Twin Star Farm

o July 19th Roost Studio

0 August 26th Twin Star Farm