Into the Fold 

Special thanks to the New Paltz Times for covering my project “Fan Your Talents”.  Also, a big thank you to Sharyn Flanagan, who interviewed me and wrote this beautiful article “Into the Fold”, which brings attention to this community oriented activity for friends and family.  - Jing Shuai

Art of Tao

I belong to the 16th generation of Wu Dang Taoist martial art successors and I am a Tai Chi instructor certified by the Mainland Chinese Martial Art Association.  Born in Szechuan, China, I was deeply influenced by the Chinese traditional fine arts.  Recently I have been impressed by the creative and diverse Western art forms.  The “Art of Tao” is my newest exploration, based on my Tai Chi philosophy.  Tai Chi is connected to the Taoist philosophy and the concepts presented in the Chinese book of wisdom, the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching. These texts are an integral part of classical Tai Chi.   In classical Taoist philosophy, Tao is the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang.  Tao is the source of the cosmos and is a gateway to all of life’s mysteries.   As a follower of Lao Tzu, author of Tao Te Ching,  I have a responsibility to carry on the principles of Tao.   One of my missions is to help to create a sense of equilibrium and harmony in my and other’s lives.   I believe that harmony and balance are immortal and elegant evidence that the individual and their spirit should be in harmony with society and with nature. As a result, in 2017, I created the project “Fan Your Talents” to practice my art of Tao.    Jing Shuai