2017 fan painting Workshops
· Four  fan painting workshops have been held,and 43 individuals attended.
o June 21st Roost Studio
o June 24th Elting Memorial Library 
o June 17th Twin Star Farm
o July 19th Roost Studio
0 August 26th Twin Star Farm

2017 Outdoor Performance
On Saturday, 26th, 11 people participated in the Fan Your Talents performance at Twin Star Farm. Both performers and bystanders had a lot of fun. More informations at our Facebook Page:Fan Your Talents

2017 Indoor Performance & Exhibition

In December, fans will be showcased at the Elting Memorial Library for those participants who wish to display their fans. A indoor performance may be held if there is interest. 

The program Facebook Page:Fan Your Talents 

Please like us on facebook page if you are interested in 2018's "Fan Your Talents" workshops or events.  

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